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    Fun Times Tables 28
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    Fun Times Tables 28 APK для Андроид

    • Автор: admin
    • Категория: Образование
    • Добавлено: 10-07-2018
    • Версия игры: 28
    • Просмотров: 51
    • Версия android: 4.1 и выше
    • Размер: 49.69 MB


    Fun Times Tables Fun Times Tables Fun Times Tables

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    2x2=4 - Fun Times Tables became open source and waiting for contributors:


    Join us!

    There is a period in a school life, when one has to learn the multiplication table. My son was not an exception and did not avoid the fate.

    We began to study the table the same old way: turned a notebook and started to learn.
    Obviously this is a boring way, which went out of date. First of all it requires parents’ patience: it is difficult to test the own child for knowledge of the table several times a day. Sometimesthere is simply not time for this.
    It was easy for me to find the decision of the problem- to write a trainer, which will make the learning of the table more interesting for a child. The set of options will be the cannon balls. Thenumber of correct answers will be a shot at a pirate. If you think for a long time, then the pirate shoots at you. Apparently the phrases like ”Dad, today I shot a pirate at a complicates level" arebetter than dull phrases “Today I learned the multiplication table till 5”.

    -Two kinds of arithmetic operations: multiplication and division
    -A built-in multiplication table for learning
    -3 levels of the level of complexity(the speed of shooting at pirate is raising or lowering)
    -Two types for answer entering: by figures and by multiple choice
    -The history of already played games can be saved in order to trace the progress
    -The possibility to choose the range of the derived equations

    The sound effects of the site http://www.freesound.org per license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/ (Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License) were used for application.

    Fun Times Tables

    Fun Times Tables

    Fun Times Tables

    Fun Times Tables является удивительным приложение для обучения умножение в веселой и интерактивной форме. Это учебное приложение поможет вашему ребенку на практике основные навыки ключ, необходимый при умножении.

    И NBSP; таблицу умножения песни и пропустить считая песни заставляет детей развивать понимание числа моделей, номер заказа и процесса умножения.

    Дети будут знакомы таблицу умножения и могут быть лучшими друзьями с математикой через это приложение.

    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables
    Fun Times Tables: Toddler Math Apk Download latest version - kr.co.smartstudy.timestablesiap_android_googlemarket